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Forensic Audio

Buck London maintains equipment and professional expertise to provide forensic audio services for the commercial and legal community. Buck London's audio capability directly supports sensitive law-enforcement recordings, 911 emergency calls, audio from cell phones, DVD, videos, Closed Circuit TV, computers, solid-state memory cards, and many other audio storage devices. Specific Forensic Services include Authenticity Analysis, Forensic Enhancement and Intelligibility. Additional capability in Forensic Phonetics and Voice Biometrics can be obtained through Buck London's academic partners.

Authenticity Analysis: This is the process of establishing whether a recording is original and whether it has been tampered with, either maliciously or accidentally. One such method is an examination and analysis of the consistency of the background audio noise floor. Specifically, measuring and analyzing the audio noise floor looking for inconsistencies in the room tone, character, or background noise of the recording. These breaks or changes in either audio recorded signal or background noise are signs that the audio recording being considered may be counterfeit or fake.

Forensic Enhancement and Intelligibility: Audio Enhancement is a process that involves the "cleaning" or "filtering out" of undesirable noise from an otherwise unintelligible recording. The primary task is to uncover evidence carefully and without damage or alteration to the original recording. By improving the recorded audio, the listener is provided the opportunity to hear the original audio content ("what is said"), which is often sufficient to prove or disprove a claim in a legal setting.. Often, the "enhanced" or "improved" recording will sound worse than the original, but "what is said" is more clearly understandable. Forensic audio analysis continues to routinely solve high-profile criminal investigations and conviction of serious criminals.


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