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Audio File Repair

If you work with audio files, from time to time the files become corrupted and you are unable to open them in either your media player or editing program.  This occurs more often in longer recordings when the error is usually caused by a field recorder failing to close an audio file properly or when a field recorder loses power during a long recording.

What is happening is at the end of the file, the recorded wav file is marked with header information that's appended to the file. This tells your media player or audio editing program how long the file is, what format it was recorded in, and other info about the WAV file that is usually needed for playback. If this information is missing or incorrect, most media players will generate errors and not open the file and you are stuck with a corrupted file. 

Assuming the actual recording took place and the error is in the header portion of the file, in most cases the audio file can be saved.  Buck London has the necessary software tools and expertise to rapidly assess the audio file and determine if any or all of the file can be repaired.  Give us a call!

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