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Sound Optimization & Trouble Shooting

The goal of a sound system is to provide high quality consistent sound coverage throughout a room or venue – providing the audience pleasant listening experience. The ideal sound system would be a speaker system that has the ability to overcome room anomalies that impact the quality of sound. Given we rarely have the perfect venue for optimal sound, it is critical that you implement sound system components resources to achieve loudness and quality desired.  The process of integrating these resources and setting them for the application and venue requires a methodical process and experience. Buck London has the experience and equipment needed to optimize or repair a sound system in any venue to achieve the desired intensity and quality of sound needed.  Specifically, Buck London provides:

  • Selection or review of:
    • Existing speaker system to meet power and frequency response requirements
    • Mixing console, processors, FX, and other outboard gear to meet room and use requirements
    • Cable integrity and management
  • Frequency response and sound pressure measurement
  • Room equalization
  • Warmth and fidelity improvement
  • System lockout and security

Buck London will provide a free review of your sound system and provide recommendations.  Give us a call today!

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